Friday, February 20, 2009

Tropic Living

Continued from the previous post. Tropic.
This is a day view. No vray sun use. only use 2 main light source.

Night view. just experimenting to create a mood that i really like. Ngantuk mood. heh heh heh..
hopefully this view can release my tension..what a the way..enjoy..and as always comments and critiques are always welcome.

Friday, February 13, 2009


The Wireframe.

as you guys can see, i use 3 light source. The first one is Vray Light outside the balcony. Then the 2nd light source is vray light at the back/besides of camera. And the last one is the Vraysun. Here i shared the setting for all the light i used here in the scene. but do bare in mind, that my setting might be differ from others/or may be cant apply in all type of scene. It just a guide how i come out with this view. Actually i quite malu to share my setting here.

Vray Light No.1

Vray Light No. 2

Vray sun setting

Vray Camera Setting
(is anyone can teach me how to use vray cam properly?)

For the night view, basically i just only turn off the environment into black, so there's no other light source will penetrate into the room except artificial lights which is, downlights, table lamps, and also the light source that come out from tv.

for the ambient, i still put one vray light outside the balcony but insted of white colour, i changed it ti dark blue to give a night environment.

hope you guys can get few "manfaat" from this post. heh heh heh.