Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Sepetang di angkasa" by John Goedrabella

this is another "warm-up" job that i've done. Started 12am yesterday and finished by 2pm. And now i'm still sleepy at the office. Nasib baik at the office not so much work to do, which make me more sleepy.

Actually this is just to brush up my rendering skills. The reason being is I've left 3d thingy quite a long time. So i need something to be put in my portfolio. And maybe if there are rezeki for me, there will be a FL job for me. :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This post can be considered as my latest 3d work after quite a long time didn't produce any rendering. Hopefully with my new machine, I can be more productive. So, this one is a view of a boardroom, which the layout was done by me for a project that I can't tell. By the way, it is a pitch, hopefully we can win this project.

2. Modelling and Rendering - Boardroom

by the way, i forgot to upload one of my latest work, which is my personal work. It is a modelling exercise that I've done few months ago, but haven't finish yet. It's quite an on off project.

2. Modelling and Rendering of Gibson Les Paul ( without strings ;p)