Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hahaha. Let's start this post with a laugh~ reason why? secret~
latest 3d from me. any comment?

Before i came out with all the view at above, actually i started with a few "warm-up" session. hahahah it's funny story though. by the way, enjoy my "warm-up" session. just to share my typical workflow in 3d. normally, i will build all the form/object/whatsoever first. then i put all the necesscary lights. test the lighting. test the feel. after that only i apply the material. I think this type of workflow is not really good. because from my reading, lighting and rendering is always the last one. what ever it is, i'm still in learning curve. wah hahah hahaha hahah and also in stress/pressure curve.


To end this entry, i'm sharing wireframe for this scenes. to give an idea how i set the lighting. (u guys must be pro than me. so i'm a bit shy shy to put here.ahahahha)

and oso the camera setting. i'm new to vraycam. so do correct me if i'm wrong.

That's all for now~ gnite
Tiring weeks. huwah!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Scream on the wall

another free time work. more to improve. hurry hurry hurry.

Just to show the lighting set up.