Monday, November 24, 2008

Freelance - Bungalow - Collabo With Ezzo

Sigh..after a long time no updates at all, finally I have something to share with you guys. eventhough not a final product, but i think it' s ok rather thank nothing to share.

Thanks to my friend ezzo for giving me the oppurtinity to collabo with him in this 3d project.

Just a draft render....still cannot beat all those pros out there. there are more view to come. hope i can improve my works. sigh...the market is so competitive nowadays. sigh....

another draft view. I'm quite frustrating with my output. still far far away from the level i want it to be. Maybe because i do 3d only once in three month or even worst once in a six months. hahahaha. nahh....not an excuse..~

Some of the fully rendered, after few comments...herm....